Fleet Helicopters

fleet-helicoptersAs of May 2007, Fleet Helicopters has installed a DAAM (Data Acquisition  Alarm Monitor) System in the company Bell Jetranger and Longranger helicopters. Fleet Helicopters is the first helicopter company in Australia to utilize this technology in commercial operations to improve our safety record, maintenance recording, and client billing accuracy.

The DAAM System has been developed by Perkins Technologies in response to the lack of effective  monitoring tools in aviation. The company has taken over 5 years to  develop this product and is on track to gain its ISO9001 Quality Certification in Australia. There are 40 of these Systems fitted to Australian fixed wing aircraft (including Air Tractors and Temora  Aviation Museum-based Spitfires, as well as commercial operators in the US) under engineering orders pending STC approval. The DAAM System has many benefits that include the following:

Trend monitoring – The system continuously records all aircraft inputs, which  effectively eliminates all manual recording and input errors. It records Compressor RPM, Rotor RPM, Torque, System Voltage, Air Filter Pressure, Engine Oil Pressure, Turbine Temperature, Fuel Flow, Indicated Air  Speed and Air Pressure simultaneously. This can then be downloaded by  the maintenance facility to check events and trends that can adversely indicate or affect the performance and safety of aircraft systems.

Exceedance alarms – Should any aircraft system parameters be exceeded at any time during  flight, the DAAM System will record each aircraft system (listed above) at that time. When the exceedance occurs, the DAAM System provides the  pilot with a visual and audio alert. This allows the pilot to take immediate action to correct the exceedance, as well as allowing analysis and review of the event by the maintenance facility later.

Non-tamperable flight time recording – This is your guarantee of safety – the DAAM system ensures aircraft components are not flown for more than the legal and safe hours as specified by the manufacturer. Operators cannot clandestinely and unsafely ’extend’ component hours as the flight time recording system cannot be tampered with. The system gives the client peace of mind that the aircraft and its systems have not just been flown safely within specified parameters for their flight, but also for all preceding flights, thus reassuring the client that the aircraft is in a safe and airworthy condition at the commencement of their job.

More efficient maintenance – The DAAM System accurately tracks TTIS (Total Time in Service), effectively acting as an ’electronic logbook’ that accurately records aircraft and engine times. This assists our company in making maintenance more efficient through accurate maintenance scheduling and easier auditing.

Transparent billing times – In addition to the  safety aspect, it benefits our clients by providing a totally transparent data record with the system automatically displaying flight  hours at the end of each flight. This effectively removes the potential  for over (or under)charging of clients.

Advanced pilot training  tool – The DAAM System records and monitors the pilot’s inputs and flight techniques which can be analysed and reviewed later in order to improve  piloting and engine handling skills. Pilot logbook hours will also more accurately reflect their experience. We believe that the installation of this system adds an  entirely new safety dimension to our operations and are pleased to introduce it to our clients.

If you would like a demonstration or further information regarding the DAAM System, please  do not hesitate to contact Lachie Onslow on the office number of 02 6772 2348.