"Aircraft operators worldwide trust DAAM to monitor engine usage and lower operating costs"

Larry Perkins - racer, flyer, company founder

Know your engine

Unmonitored exeedances of an aircraft’s system parameters can cause serious engine damage over time, increasing safety risk and maintenance costs for operators.

The DAAM (Data Acquisition Alarm Monitor) System allows pilots and engineers to easily monitor engine usage, recording trends, exceedances, hot starts and other potentially damaging events that standard instrumentation doesn’t detect. The system continuously monitors up to 13 engine and airframe parameters, recording usage and performance data. If an exceedance occurs, an alert on the Cockpit Display Unit (CDU) allows the pilot to take immediate corrective action. All data is stored securely for later analysis by maintenance personnel.

Developed in Australia, DAAM is the worldwide leader in affordable Engine Condition Trend Monitor (ECTM) technology. Our robust data loggers can be found in fixed-wing and rotary aircraft in countries around the world.

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TAE Aerospace acquired Perkins Technologies in December 2013. TAE Aerospace's CEO Andrew Sanderson said: "By combining this innovative Australian technology with our existing turbine maintenance, engineering and reliability management capability, we can offer our customers a whole new level of support to keep them flying for longer."



New DAAM Software V2.86 now available for registered users.

New DAAM Software V2.86 now available for registered users. This version adds a number of new features, including the ability to zero sensors and calibrate collective through the Test Sensors page. Read More


New DAAM Software V2.84 now available for registered users.

This version corrects a couple of bugs that snuck into V2.83. Users of 2.83 are recommended to update as soon as possible. Users of older version are also recommended to update as 2.83 included a number of useful new features. Check out the release notes on the updates page for details. Read More